Wrong Mistake, The


"Set in a bar, The Wrong Mistake is a full-length musical comedy combining the conventions of "the musical" with the originality and irreverence of Downtown performance. The main character wanders into an environment where the other people seem to be playing by different rules. They break into song, supported by appropriate music that seems to come from nowhere. He is even more mystified by the characters who act as if they've been expecting him. His attempts to find where he fits in to this strange new world make his situation similar to "Alice in Wonderland". The Wrong Mistake is a musical comedy of clashing realities where characteristics of musicals and film noir are part of the plot."

The work was commissioned by La MaMa under its Playwrights Incentive Program, with funds provided by the Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust.;""Don't believe everything you think" is the rule when a regular guy walks into a bar where everybody there seems to be expecting him. Man #2 has been following man#1 who has been following our Joe, but man #2 finds the Joe first, which under ordinary circumstances should be impossible. But this is the point -- it's a Jim Neu play and what's happening isn't always what's going on. The Joe is about to be convinced that he is somebody else."

project description, program;press release
circa 1992