Nightwalk (1973)


According to the New York Times, "“Nightwalk” is one of the company's most abstract pieces. It is at times a difficult work to comprehend, but it is also—because of the comic nature of the ensemble —enormously enjoyable. What is needed is an openness on the part of the audience.

The guides for this nightwalk are two creatures (Tina Shepard and Paul Zimet), not human, but linked in a humanlike pair bond. Together they are innocent voyagers through our unconscious. Actually they mostly walk in place, while visions parade before them, usually on metal carts, wheeled in and out of their existence and of our focus."

Performed at the Theatre at St. Clements, this was the Open Theater's last production together before disbanding. It was collectively written by Chaikin, the actors, and playwrights Sam Shepard, Megan Terry, and Jean-Claude Van Itallie.
September 11 – October 18, 1973