Seven Against Thebes (2001)


Aeschylus' rarely-performed "Seven Against Thebes" will be staged as a dance-opera by La MaMa founder/artistic director Ellen Stewart in a new adaptation by her, with music composed by Elizabeth Swados, Genji Ito and Michael Sirotta, set and props by David Adams and Jun Maeda and puppets by Federico Restrepo. The production will have its world premiere run April 27 to May 13 in La MaMa's Annex Theater, performed by The Great Jones Repertory.

In the play, Polynece and Etokles fight for the throne after the death of their father, Oedipus, in a struggle that foretells the fall of the House of Cadmus as had been foretold by the prophet Teirasias. In the tradition of the Great Jones Repertory, the sung and spoken language of this production will be Ancient Greek. 

"Seven Against Thebes" is actually a sequel to Ellen Stewart's "Mythos Oedipus," which premiered in 1985 in Delphi, Greece and was last performed in 1996. Ellen Stewart's method in adaptations is to render a play or myth into a form resembling a film treatment, from which the dialogue is subsequently "retro-translated" into an ancient language by Elizabeth Swados. For "Seven Against Thebes," the original Greek translation is by Georgina Petrousi. 

-- La MaMa press release
May 10 – 27, 2001