A Political Revue (Subliminal Strategeries)


"A Political Revue (Subliminable Strategeries)" is about 60% White House humor, for the very good reason that the follies and dualities of the people in power today are so perfect. It is also about the Mideast, drugs (Ecstasy), race issues, women's circumcision, Goth styles, Mad Cows, Ashcroft, AIDS, body image and American pop culture. The revue is entirely the creation of its cast, who researched it, wrote it, staged it and choreographed it. Elizabeth Swados is the author/director of such memorable productions as "The Hating Pot" three years ago (which became a PBS documentary) and "The Violence Project" last summer. She writes: "My contribution was to offer up a few songs and contribute to figuring out what was the most appropriate material." Rehearsal began long before the election and the finished piece reflects the feeling, shared by most of the 19 to 24 year-old cast, of being politicized by it. "We are all tired," says cast member Nicole Newton, "of having to learn everything so fast, of sensationalist news shows and assultive materialism. We resent all the broadsides of the smoking industry--it's all aimed at college kids. And we resent people becoming sellouts." In general, the show is smarter than Saturday Night Live.