"Heimskringla" on National Educational Television (1969)


This collaboration between the La MaMa Troupe and the National Center for Experiments in Television at San Francisco’s KQED orbited around playwright Paul Foster’s tale of the Viking’s discovery of America, “Heminskringla!”. The project was called “the first child of a union [between] engineers and energetic theater" -- “exciting television” (“not to be missed”) that made visible “the sparks ignited by a new generation of playwrights, directors, actors, and engineering wizards” (Barbara Dalatiner, “Kaleidoscopic Artistry Sparks Video Mosaic,” Newsday, November 7, 1969).

The La MaMa Repertory Troupe filmed this production at KQED TV in San Francisco in June and July 1969; it first aired on "NET Playhouse" in New York on November 6, 1969 and in San Francisco on November 7, 1969. It aired again in New York in 1974.
June 15 – July 15, 1969;November 7, 1969;November 6, 1969