"Ubu", "Arden Of Faversham", "Heimskringla", "A Rat's Mass" and "Cinque" in Holland (1970)


"Heimskringla" and "Rat's Mass" were directed by Ching Yeh, "Ubu" and "Arden of Faversham" were directed by Andrei Serban, and "Cinque" was directed in Holland by Wilford Leach. The performance schedule while in Holland was as follows:

April 14 - 19              Mickery? Holland                        Ubu/Arden
April 21 - 26              Mickery? Holland                        Heimskringla
April 28                     Schouwburg in Nijmegen            Heims/Rats Mass/Cinque
April 29                     Kargadoor-Utrecht                      Heims/Rats Mass/Cinque
April 30                     Cultureel Centrum Dordrecht      Heims/Rats Mass/Cinque
May 1 - 2                  H.O.T. den Haag                         Heims/Rats Mass/Cinque
May 5 - 17                 Mickery                                       Ubu/Arden
May 12 - 16               Shaffy Theatre, Amsterdam        Ubu Roi/Arden of Faversham
May 5 – 17, 1970