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La MaMa Venue

74A East Fourth Street
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Cabaret (1978), Contradictions (1978), Orlando Maleroso (1978), There Appeared a Knight (1978), 1st CETA Chamber Concert (1978), 2nd CETA Chamber Concert (1978), 3rd CETA Chamber Concert (1978), 4th CETA Chamber Concert (1978), 5th CETA Chamber Concert (1978), What If? 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Ruth Yorck Golden Series, The (1967-1970), Bang Too (1970), ETC Company's First 5-Play Repertory (1970-1973), Coffeehouse Chronicles #49: Andy Warhol Superstars, Classic Theatre Workshop Company in Repertory, Music At La MaMa (1972), Noah Howard Composer's Jazz Workshop, Noah Howard Jazz Workshop, B & B Company in Repertory (1973), Sandigan-Kalinangan I: A Philippine Festival Of The Arts (1974), La MaMa Summer Workshop Final Performance (1974), La Mama Playwrights on NET Playhouse (Re-broadcast), World Theater Day Celebration (1976), Good Sex!! Part I (Foreplay) (1977), The First International Theater Festival (1977), La MaMa-C.E.T.A. Festival (1978), C.E.T.A. Chamber Concerts, Childyear Culture Corps Project (1978-1979), Theatre in the Americas (1979), Peter Brook's 1980 Repertory Season At La MaMa, Diwang-Lahi: A Philippine Festival Of Arts (1980), Third World Cultural Series, A (1980), Storytelling & Workshop Series (1981), 20th Anniversary Celebration, La MaMa Films (1982), Bodhi Foundation's Benefit Concert To End World Hunger (1982), World Theatre Day Celebration (1982), World Theatre Day Celebration (1983), World Theatre Week Celebration (1984), Asian Perspective, An (1984), La MaMa Moves!, La MaMa Silver Anniversary Season (1986-1987), Third World Festival for Theatre Arts Studies (1988), L'Altra Italia (1989), Head to the Future: A Poets Theater Festival (1989), Return to Head to the Future! (1990), A Benefit for Everybody (1991), L'Altra Italia III (1995)