International Wrestling Match: An Old Testament Morality Play In Two Vengeful Acts, The


"To describe the content of [this] nearly four-hour long play...would involve the distortions of trying to convey a highly volatile psychoanalytic session in terms of the patient's specific complaints and attitudes, ignoring the motives and paperns they reveal. On the surface, a maniacal conspirator named Quentin...raves at his playwright-friend...about villainy and violence and vengeance, plots an hysterically nebulous coup, rants squalidly about the Kennedys[,]...resists seduction by a hippie girl who finds freedom in sadism[,]...and finally commits an ecstatic symbolic castration...But the play actually consists of the emotional and psychological patterns which emerge from these torrential fantasies."

--Ross Wetzsteon, "Review of 'The International Wrestling Match' Village Voice (1969) [OBJ.1969.0003]