Madonna In The Orchard, The


The Madonna in the Orchard
"The protagonist of Mr. Foster's particular nighttown is an old man named Ned rambling amidst his memories in a Charles Addams hilltop Victorian wreck of a house.  His antagonists are various lost young girls, unscrupulous brothers, one-legged sailors, whores, homosexuals, hoods, killers, all envisioned or wishfully manufactured from the torturous dreambed of his youth.  Most remarkable of any is a mummified and horrifying 'Madonna of Orchard St.,' worshiped by some and proclaimed by others as being every bit of 100 years old.";" 'The Madonna in the Orchard' by Paul Foster is a visually exciting experience of man's conflict with the ghosts of his pasts, in his effort to find the purity of love as he had seen it, rather than accept the prevalence of evil and corruption in the world."

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