Special Event

"BbAaNnGg!" was a benefit held to help raise money to cover the cost of electrical work for 122 Second Avenue. The event featured 26 separate works, each 3 minutes long, that included plays, spoken word, performance art and two films.
November 3 – 7, 1965
Robert Patrick (curator), Lee Levine (designer), Peter Martin (contributor), Judson Church (contributor), Joyce Aaron (director), Sharon Gans (performer), Cynthia Harris (performer), Franklin Spodak (performer), Lee Worley (performer), Anthony Bastiano (director), George Winship (performer), Roy London (performer), Walter Leyden Brown (author), Walter Leyden Brown (director), Holly Solomon (performer), Don Blakely (performer), Howard Greenberger (director), Helen Hanft (performer), Steven Van Vost (performer), Ted Harris (director), Jim Jennings (performer), Bob Marshall (performer), Barbara Bowman (performer), Al Fann (performer), Robert Heide (director), Ronald Link (performer), Ronald Link (director), Marilyn Roberts (performer), Douglas Kahn (director), Connie Clark (performer), Warren Pincus (performer), Donald Kvares (director), Hal Borske (performer), The Ape Man (performer), The Ape Woman (performer), Bruce Kessler (director), Shellie Feldman (performer), Gary William Friedman (music), H.M. Koutoukas (director), Charles Stanley (performer), Tosh Carillo (performer), Leonard Melfi (director), Stephanie Gordon (performer), Mary Mitchell (director), Robert Dahdah (performer), Marshall W Mason (director), Harvey Selsby (performer), Robert Patrick (director), Jeanne Lanson (performer), Joseph R Sicari (director), Joseph R Sicari (performer), Katena Mandas (performer), Bud Jarvis (performer), Haig Chobanian (performer), Gerald Schoenewolf (director), Marvin Peisner (performer), Robert Sealy (director), George Kearns (performer), Sam Shepard (director), Joyce Aaron (performer), Susan Sherman (performer), Megan Terry (contributor), Sharon Thie (contributor), Lanford Wilson (author), Lanford Wilson (director), Ruth Landshoff Yorck (director), Jean-Claude van Itallie (director)
122 Second Avenue