3 Travels of Aladin With The Magic Lamp, The (1982)


"The 3 Travels of Aladin with the Magic Lamp" was presented by The Theatres of Rennes and La Maison des Culture du Monde of Paris and produced at La MaMa in 1982. This new chamber opera featured original songs composed by and sung in a conglomerate language created by Elizabeth Swados. 

Unlike the classic tale from the book The Book of One Thousand and One Nights, "The 3 Travels of Aladin with the Magical Lamp" features a different story, one where Aladin tries to make the princess fall in love with him by making her smile. A lengthy synopsis of the story is included in the show program. 

Additional objects related to this production include production photographs taken by Jerry Vezzuso [OBJ.1982.0163], a show program [OBJ.1982.0149], and a production invitation [OBJ.1982.0148], in addition to other records. 
October 13 – 31, 1982
74A East 4th Street