Monkey Music


"Set in the spectacular Momoyama period of early 17th century Japan, 'Monkey Music' tells how a young nobleman is determined to become an actor, no matter the cost and against all odds.

"The title of the play refers to 'sarugaku' or 'monkey dance,' an early form of Japanese drama.  In contrast to the later Noh, with its dance and tragic poetry saragaku performances were primarily mime; the spirit may sometimes have been close to that of the 'kyogen' or comic interludes.  The popular forms of 'bunraku' (puppet theatre) and 'kabuki' began to develop at the end of the sixteenth century, a generation before the action of this play."

--Program and Flyers for "Monkey Music" (1980) [OBJ.1980.0107]
Margaret Lamb (author)
Monkey Music (1980)