Nutcracker In The Land Of Nuts, The (1979/1980)


"This reworking of a deadeningly traditional Christmas theme would probably cause Balanchine to spin in his ballet slippers, snatching and grabbing as it does from the story of old Drosselmeier and the Nutcracker, fast-food land -- Hack Donalds, and Village not-very-in-jokes -- Erica Mouse as the evil demon who screws everything up by refusing to restore Jane to her status as little girl.  Jane has earlier been changed into a mouse in a pyrotechnical convolution of plot only a Greta Garbo Slipper, a Seven-Headed Mouse, a Valerian Nut and I could believe in, and that is as far as I will go in describing narrative."  

--John S Patterson (The Villager), "Reviews of "The Nutcracker in the Land of Nuts" (1979/1980)" [OBJ.1979.0174]
December 27 – 30, 1979;January 3 – 6, 1980