1001 Instruments You've Never Seen or Heard (1979)


June 25 – July 1, 1979
Eightonal Coalition (producer), Zasis (performer), Bob Wood (performer), Mary Buchen (performer), Bill Buchen (performer), Boneworks (performer), Nigel Rollings (performer), Ad Hoc (performer), Barbara Benary (performer), Iris Brooks (performer), Mark Steven Brooks (performer), Michael Byron (performer), Jon Child (performer), Philip Corner (performer), Daniel Goode (performer), Peter Griggs (performer), Evan Schwartzman (performer), Holly Staver (performer), Rosalie Winard (performer), Peter Zummo (performer), Gamelan Son Of Lion (adapter), Mark Abbott (performer), Shelley Hirsch (performer), Mimi Seton (performer), Martha Siegel (performer), Eric Turner (performer), David Van Tieghem (performer), Nigel Rollings (designer), National Endowment For The Arts (contributor), New York State Council On The Arts (contributor), Ford Foundation (contributor), Peg Santvoord Foundation (contributor), Shubert Foundation (contributor), John-Michael Tebelak (contributor), Meet The Composer (contributor), Skip La Plante (performer), Peter Golub (music), Michael Canick (performer), Alice Eve Cohen (performer), Rob Waring (performer), Jennifer Arndt (performer), Music For Homemade Instruments (performer), Frank Clayton (performer), Lincoln Goines (performer), Derrik Hoitsma (performer), Gail Turner (performer), Roger Squitero (performer), Stan Strickland (performer), Steve Lockwood (contributor), John Parton (lighting designer), Doug Quackenbush (designer), Tom Chapin (performer), Rob Kaplan (performer), Bill Sloat (performer), Thad Wheeler (performer), Brook Contemporary Music Series (related to)
74A East 4th Street