Vox Humana #3: A Love Song (1977)


"...About 30 people, average age about 18, sitting around the playing area, sometimes being characters, sometimes drinking Pepsi, sometimes conspicuously reading magazines, sometimes paying attention and sometimes actually nodding off.  Occasionally a few of them would stand up and act out a little drama about "Antigone," or a little dream about Joan of Arc, or a little drama about Patty Hearst and her family.  Or they would stand in regimented rows and fall down, as if suddenly stricken by the plague or sunstroke."

--Review and listings for "Vox Humana #3: A Love Song" (1977)
April 21 – May 8, 1977
Cosmos (director), Ian McColl (tech), Ken Fitch (performer), John Lubaszka (performer), Henry Aronson (music), Susanne Braham (performer), Pam Belyea (costumes), David Thalenberg (performer), Frank Engoron (performer), Jim Fainberg (performer), Richard Palucci (performer), Bruce Smith (performer), Debbie Spitz (performer), Mark Herman (performer), Dan Baumgarten (performer), John Benson (performer), Ernest Colamaio (performer), Donna Downes (performer), Teresa Elwert (performer), Nina Faragher (performer), Bill Forsythe (performer), Robert Jackson (performer), Julie Janney (performer), Deborah Johnston (performer), Patty Katz (performer), Lela Keren (performer), Amy Kleinman (performer), D'Lee Magnus (performer), Clare Marshall (performer), Gwen Moten (performer), Loretta Devine (performer), Lisa Oxford (performer), Gale Pike (performer), Pat Shanahan (performer), Jeri Smith (performer), Liza Vann (performer), Marjorie Gaile Wesley (performer), Cheryl Whitener (performer), Susan Worth (performer), Dede Brown (performer), Debbie Weinstein (performer), Maria Irene Fornes (contributor), H.M. Koutoukas (contributor), Arthur Sainer (contributor), Isabel Carlota Wasserman (contributor), Robert Wasserman (documenter), Tara King (performer), Mariana (performer), Guillermo (performer), Harold Nicholson (performer), Ford Foundation (contributor), New York State Council On The Arts (contributor), National Endowment For The Arts (contributor), JDR 3rd Fund (contributor), Shubert Foundation (contributor), Peg Santvoord Foundation (contributor), Samuel Rubin Foundation (contributor)
74A East 4th Street