Spring Rites: A Special Benefit for La MaMa (1975)

Special Event

There are two separate cast lists, one on the back of the flyer [OBJ.1975.0073] and one in the program [OBJ.1975.0074]. All cast members are listed here, so it is unclear who actually performed and who did not.

From the program:
"Special thanks to: Victor Attar, Richard Coatney, Robert Gianelli, Ronny Altman, Ray Diffen, Gary Harris, Eric Concklin, Rebecca Flores, Sam Gossard, Peter Forward, Seth Sternberg, Peter Feller, Joanna Schielke, John Andreadakis, Les Banda, David Adams."

S. Lipkin
April 23 – 27, 1975
Tom O'Horgan (curator), Tom O'Horgan (music), Fernando Arrabal (playwright), Paul Foster (playwright), H.M. Koutoukas (playwright), Leonard Melfi (playwright), Elmer Kline (playwright), Eve Merriam (playwright), Tom O'Horgan (playwright), Rochelle Owens (playwright), Gerome Ragni (playwright), Frank Wedekind (playwright), Divine (performer), Alaina Reed (performer), Denise Delapenha (performer), John Bakos (performer), Edward Q Bhartonn (performer), James Blaimeier (performer), Arlana Blue (performer), Alan Braunstein (performer), Michael Brennan (performer), Brigitte Calan (performer), Ron Capozzoli (performer), Kelly Carrol (performer), Marilyn Chris (performer), Marc Cohen (performer), Dennis Cooley (performer), Andre de Shields (performer), Sherry Dewitt (performer), Pi Douglass (performer), Candice Early (performer), Jeanette Ertelt (performer), Paul Fleisher (performer), Kevin Geer (performer), B G Gibson (performer), Dale Goodwin (performer), Billy Griego (performer), William Duffy (performer), Robert Grillo (performer), Ben Harney (performer), Gordon Lowery Harrell (performer), Jeffrey Hillock (performer), Donald Hettinger (performer), Susan Hovey (performer), Little John (performer), Ray Jordan (performer), Paul Knowles (performer), Michael Lamont (performer), Marjorie LiPari (performer), Doug Lucas (performer), Larry Marshall (performer), Laura Michaels (performer), Soni Moreno (performer), William Parry (performer), Scott Penn (performer), Peter Phillips (performer), Shezwae Powell (performer), Barbara Press (performer), Laura Rambaldi (performer), Jozella Reed (performer), Jeff Richards (performer), Ruben Rivera (performer), Walter Rivera (performer), Ozzie Rodriguez (performer), Otis Salid (performer), Peter Schlosser (performer), Lea Scott (performer), Arthur Smith (performer), Seth Sternberg (performer), Josh Talace (performer), Lacey Thomas (performer), John Vaccaro (performer), Carl Weaver (performer), Madeline Welsing (performer), James Wentworth (performer), James Wigfall (performer), Ray Wood (performer), Howard Atlee (press), Candy Carrell (designer), Van Smith (designer), Jean-Guy Lecat (designer), John Michel (designer), John Dodd (lighting designer), Charles Embry (lighting designer), Larry Steckman (lighting designer), Randy Barcelo (costumes), Max Hager (costumes), Alan Blair (costumes), Dean Jackson (costumes), Robin Wagner (set design), Bill Stabile (set design), Charlotte Davis (set design), Jun Maeda (set design), Donald Medea (set design), Jack Ellis (tech), Bob Applegarth (tech), Russell Krum (tech), Warren Morrill (costumes), Galen McKinley (tech), Steve Barrell (performer), John Chan (performer), Didi Charney (performer), Billy Conway (performer), Peter Craig (performer), Robert Cranshaw (performer), Serge Gubelman (performer), Dolores Hall (performer), Viktoria Kramer (performer), John Kuhner (performer), Jim Lowerison (performer), Eugene Lowery (performer), David Metee (performer), John Michel (performer), Valois Mickens (performer), Kevin O'Connor (performer), Josh Palace (performer), Shelley Plimpton (performer), Don Tabor (performer), Richard Taylor (performer), Marilyn Amaral (performer), David Lochary (performer), Tami Temptation (performer), Cosmos (performer), Ruby Lynn Reyner (performer)
Pas De Trois
The Annex