For the Benefit of Harry (1974)

Special Event

A Gala Evening for H. M. Koutoukas
April 15, 1974
H.M. Koutoukas (related to), Baruk Levi (curator), Nelly Vivas (curator), Madeline Leroux (performer), Ondine (performer), Ellen Stewart (performer), The Playhouse of the Ridiculous (performer), Denise Rogers (performer), Richard Weinstock (performer), Ian McKay (performer), Lynn Oliver (performer), Harvey Fierstein (performer), Sherie Berk (performer), Jeff Goldstein (performer), Toni Washington (performer), Stephen Pagano (performer), Bill Gestrich (performer), Doug Lucas (performer), Judith Cohen (performer), Gerome Ragni (performer), William Duffy (performer), Elaine Nicola (performer), Marilyn Roberts (performer), Jeffrey Hillock (performer), Patric Epstein (performer), Marjorie LiPari (performer), Josie Paley (performer), Carol Weber (performer), Tom O'Horgan (director), Galen McKinley (tech), Paul Foster (playwright), John Vaccaro (playwright), H.M. Koutoukas (playwright), George Birimisa (playwright), Robert Heide (playwright), David Patrick Kelly (performer), Baruk Levi (performer), John Gilman (performer), Jacques Brouwers (performer), Mary Boylan (performer), Edward Q Bhartonn (performer), Tom Eyen (playwright), Robert Benchley (playwright), e e cummings (playwright), Michael Smith (director), Marshall Oglesby (director), The ETC Company of La MaMa (performer), Leonard Melfi (performer), Neil Flanagan (performer), John Herbert McDowell (performer), Charles Stanley (performer), Lamar Alford (performer), Marcia Mohr (performer), Elsa Tresko (performer), Albert Poland (performer), Larry Ree (performer), Michele Collison (performer), John Smead (performer), Susan Haskins (contributor), Leonard Melfi (contributor), Jim Moore (contributor), Carole Moskowitz (contributor), Ozzie Rodriguez (contributor), Anna Thomhill (contributor), Anne Weiss (contributor), Ahmed Yacoubi (contributor), Holly Woodlawn (contributor), Madame Norma (contributor), Mario Rivoli (designer), Cal Yeomans (box office), Charles Jenulevich (tech), Richard Jakiel (tech), Charles Terrel (tech), Marc Cohen (tech), Andy Zaccherio (curator), Mario Rivoli (curator), Jules Weiss (curator), Doris Pettijohn (contributor), M A Whiteside (contributor), Joanna Ross (contributor), Natalie Gray (contributor), Gary Feldman (contributor)
Byrd Hoffman Foundation