Maids, The (1971)


The Maids
This production of “The Maids”—staged some eight years after its first appearance on La MaMa's stage—gained a little less attention, and caused a little less controversy than its predecessor. According to a review that ran in the New York Daily News in January of 1972, this production was co-created by Jimmy Wigfall—a long-time La MaMa artist who had worked with Tom O’Horgan to conceive of the theater’s first, 1964, revival of “The Maids.” “The political aspects of the play have a stronger meaning now,” Wigfall told the Daily News reporter, who went on to note that Genet was “an active supporter of the Black Panthers and of the Yippie disruption of the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago.” This production featured four actors who rotated roles on a nightly basis. The program lists no director, noting only that the show was “conceived and directed by the company.” It ran an hour long.   

--Review: "The Maids" (1971) [OBJ.1972.0186]
December 1, 1971 – January 1, 1972