Maids, The (1965)


The Maids
Ten months after O’Horgan’s first staged “The Maids,” La MaMa once again revived it. One reviewer noted that this version was “revised and expanded.” This time, the action occurred “behind a thin screen and one gets the image of a superimposition of reality upon reality until the structure itself takes on a baroque and unreal effect.” (Village Voice, August 26, 1965) This critic continued: “The staging is beautifully conceived and executed” and “Tom O’Horgan has done a masterful job.” ;Photographer James Gossage remembered the opening scenes of the production this way: "While the audience was being seated, the actors performing as the maids appeared on stage in their street clothes over bathing suits and proceeded to change into their costumes."

--"Off Off-Broadway and In Cafe Theater: Events Places and Creative Personnel Including a Cross Reference to the Photographic Negatives of James D. Gossage" Section I (Printed August 2000), p. 202.
August 18 – 22, 1965