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La MaMa Venue

122 2nd Avenue
Maids, The (1964b), Maids, The (1965), Frustrata, or The Dirty Little Girl with the Paper Rose Stuck in her Head is Demented! (1965), Wedding Of The Panda, The (1964), Mitomaru (1964), Affectionate Cannibals, The (1964), Who'll Take My Lovely Maiden? (1965), Two One-Act Plays By Sam Shepard (1965), Recluse, The (1965), Fly (1965), Love Song For Mrs. Boas (1965), Two Short Plays by Jean-Claude van Itallie (1965), You May Go Home Again: A Domestic Noh (1965), New OP-ra, The (1965), Drifter And The Solipsist, The (1965), Cafe La MaMa Experimental Theater Presents H. M. Koutoukas' "Omy Queen Of The Fairies," And "Tidy Passions, Or, Kill Kaleidascope Kill" (1965), "Mirage" and "The Circle" (1965), Pot Of Broth, The and Hyacinth Halvey (1965), Sand Castle, The (1965), Miss Nefertiti Regrets (1965), Value Of Money, The (1965), Sand Castle, The (1967), Cycle, The (1965), Girl On The BBC, The (1965), Lullaby For A Dying Man (1965), Surrogate, The (1965), Pussies And Rookies (1965), Miss Nefertiti Regrets (1966a), Miss Nefertiti Regrets (1966b), Hurrah For The Bridge (1965), Naked King, The (1965), La MaMa Experimental Theater Club presents: Ruth Yorck, Staged by Walter Brown (1966), And That's How The Rent Gets Paid (1966), Demented World of Tom Eyen, The (1965), Typists, The (1965), Medea, or Maybe The Stars May Understand, or Veiled Strangeness (1965), Five Fitts (1965), Daffodils And Daisies (1965), Dream (1965), Soon Jack November (1966a), Witnesses, The (1965), Macbee (1966), Love Me Or I'll Kill You (1966), Magic Realists, The (1966), Next Thing, The (1966), Hungry Ones, The (1966), Open Season On Butterflies (1966), Three Mask Dances (1966), Disciple Of The Insane (1966), Pump (1966), Potsy (1966), Window (1966), Madonna In The Orchard, The (1966), Picnic On The Battlefield (1966), Why Tuesday Never Has A Blue Monday (1966), Island In Infinity, A Tribute to Federico Garcia Lorca (1966), There's The Wrong Number Of Teeth (1966), Sometime Jam Today (1966), Autobiography (1966), Contestants, The (1966), Hessian Corporal, The (1966), Niagara Falls (1967), East Bleeker (1966-67), For Friendship's Sake Only (1967), Stock Up On Pepper Cause Turkey's Going To War (1967), Three One Act Plays By Nelly Vivas (1967), Spring Play (1967), Court (1967), Tom Paine (Part I) (1967), Futz (1967b), Futz (1967a), No Way In (1967), God Bless Us, Everyone (1967), Rimers Of Eldritch, The (1966), Missing Scorpion, The (1967), Sunday Agreement, The (1967), Fergusson (1967), Concept, The (1967), Shirt, The (1967), Myrtilus (1967), Line (1967), Times Square (1968), Melodrama Play (1968), Futz (1968), Coffee Ground Among The Tea Leaves, A (1967), Cafe La MaMa ETC Presents Two New One-Act Plays by Leonard Melfi (1967), Cafe La MaMa Presents Two Plays By Tom LaBar (1967), Changes (1968), Crambo: Two One-Act Plays By Terrence Shank (1965), Trilogy of One-Act Plays by Daniel Haben Clark (1965), Two One-Act Plays By Gerald Schoenwolf (1965), "The White Whore And The Bit Player" And "Why Hanna's Skirt Won't Stay Down" (variations on a theme) (1965), Three New Playwrights (1965), Three New Plays Directed By Tom O'Horgan (1965), Open Theatre's Evening Of Ensemble Improvisations (1965), Madonna In The Orchard, The (1965), Two New Plays By Susan Sherman (1966), Two New Plays By Mary Mitchell (1966), "A Magician" And "The Reunion" (1966), Six Plays From The '65-'66 European Tour (1966), "Clown Play, The" And "Comings And Goings" (1966), Viet Rock (1966b), There Is Method In Their Madness (1966), Cafe La MaMa presents: Two New One-Act Plays (1966), Give My Regards To Off-Off Broadway (1966), Cafe La Mama E.T.C. Presents Three Plays By Enrique Vargas (1967), Two One Act Plays By Mary Mitchell (1967), "There Should Be Violins" And "The Sunday Caller" (1967), Fischer (1968), Moon Dreamers, The (1968), Two Plays By Thomas Murrin (1968), La Mama Plexus Workshop Presents "The Cylinder", "Complexions" and "Inside Out" (1968), La Mama ETC Presents The American Theatre Exploratory's Production Of 'Recess!' (1968), Sense Of Wildflowers, A (1968), Keep Tightly Closed In A Cool Dry Place (1968), Two One-Act Plays By Rafael Bunuel (1968), Having Fun In The Bathroom (1968), "Times Square," "Melodrama Play," And "Futz" (1967), At the Corner of Popcorn Alley and the 21st of September Street (1965), Day Speaks But Cannot Weep, The (1965), Frustrata (1965), Landlord and His Good Tenants, The (1965), "Essence of Vengeance" (1965), "The Rope" (1965), "Readings from The Assent, Dearly Beloved, The Last Great Cocktail Party, Winter Rose, The Behemoth & The Crook" (1965), "Meat and Potatoes" (1965), "Lullaby for a Dying Man" (1966), "Blue Beard" (1965), "The Family Joke" (1966), "Meditations & Flashback" (1966), "And That's How The Rent Gets Paid" (1966), "Hot Fish" (1966), "Los Mimos Experimentales" (1966b), "Los Caimanes" (1967), "Lunchtime" (1967)