Script: "Iphigeneia In The Land of The Taurians" (414 BC)


A play written by Euripides. In the prologue to the play, the young princess Iphigenia (Iphigeneia) explains how she had narrowly avoided death by sacrifice at the hands of her father, Agamemnon, when the goddess Artemis, to whom the sacrifice was to be made, intervened and replaced her on the altar at the last moment with a deer, saving her from death and sweeping her off to distant Tauris (or Taurus). There, she has been made a priestess at the temple of Artemis, and given the gruesome task of ritually sacrificing any foreigners who land on the shores of King Thoas’ kingdom of Tauris. She also recounts a dream she has recently had, suggesting that her brother, Orestes, is dead.

414 BCE
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