Review: "The Maids" (1964a)


A mixed review, written by Sydney Schubert Walter. Walter writes that this production is “at once the least skillful and most interesting” version of "The Maids" that he has seen. He objects to several of the “bizarre accoutrements” that “embellished” the production—including the production’s “weird music” (which featured “David Schwartz’s unintelligible, counter-tenor voice”). He also seems confused by the gendered subtext, referring to the male performers as “transvestites” throughout his review, and alternately praising and criticizing the effect of O’Horgan’s choice to cross-cast the maids' roles. And although Walter thought “Tilla Petra turned in the best performance of the evening” he found “her presence on the stage…confusing.” Why, he wondered, “was Madame played by a woman” when the point of the show seemed to be to show “two transvestites” playing out “a fantasy within a fantasy”? This review provoked something of a debate, and the Voice subsequently published two letters to the editor containing differing opinions about O’Horgan’s work. 

Date published: October 29, 1964
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