VHS Copy: "Camera Three: Three Greek Plays" (1974)


Tape contains both parts of a two-part presentation on WCBS-TV's Camera Three of excerpts from Trilogy, performed by the Great Jones Repertory Company. Features an opening speech by Ellen Stewart.

Recording date: October 28, 1974
Date published: November 24, 1974
Date published: December 1, 1974
English, Greek
Maxell VHS tape
1 cassette
1 hour(approximate running time)
Probably (c) WCBS-TV, or other producers of Camera Three, but this should be confirmed. [I believe that this would need to have been renewed to remain under copyright, and that such a renewal should be findable in the Copyright Office's online database, but I cannot find a renewal. May be in public domain, but this should also be confirmed! - MHG]