Director's File: John Vaccaro


This file includes press clippings about Vaccaro's productions, correspondence between Vaccaro and Ellen Stewart, and posters and programs from Vaccaro's productions. The file contains programs for "The Writer's Opera," "Transients Welcome," "Flop," "A Matter of Life and Death." It contains posters for "Conquest of the Universe," "The Writer's Opera," "La Justice," and a University of Delaware panel on the creative process featuring Vaccaro. Press materials include a fall 1968 issue of The Drama Review, May 1973 issue of "Theater heute", and an article by Vaccaro for After Dark titled, "The Umpire Upstaged."  The file also contains photographic prints of Vaccaro and his company The Playhouse of the Ridiculous.

1968 – 2014
English, German
Stationery, envelopes, Newsprint, magazine paper, posters, postcards, RC photographic paper
34 press clippings
10 promotional materials
20 correspondence artifacts
18 in (height) 12 in (length)