VHS Copy: "Ellen Stewart, La MaMa & Off Off Broadway" (NBC, 1966)


Tape contains an NBC TV News segment on La MaMa from 1966. It features footage of the Hardware Theatre presenting Susan Sherman's 10 Pounds of Ground, an interview with Sherman, shots of the theater, including patrons sitting at tables, watching the show, and contributing money, and shots of Ellen Stewart addressing the audience. Also included after the narrated news piece is additional footage of unnamed La MaMa shows.

The tape was apparently transfered from film using a projection screen and a camcorder, as the projector is audible throughout, and the picture is keystoned. 

Inserted in the tape's sleeve is a transcript of the program, and a note from Damian Begley of the NBC tape library to Ellen Stewart, presenting the tape and transcript, and dated 2002.

Date created: 1966
Date duplicated: 2002
Maxell VHS tape
1 videocassette
9 minutes 40 seconds(running time) x 7 minutes 11 seconds(running time of meaningful content)
No onscreen notice, but possibly © NBC TV. Or possibly © never claimed/registered.