Director's File: Virlana Tkacz: #2/2


This file contains press reviews of Tkacz's productions, "Virtual Souls," "Wayward Wind," "Flight of the White Bird," "Circle," "Song Tree," "Swan," and "Koliada: Twelve Dishes." The file also includes photos of "Flight of the White Bird," full script, score, and photos of "Virtual Soul," full script of "Circle," and full script, production notes, and photos of "Song Tree." Lastly, this file contains a DVD copy of the 2010 production Scythian Stones.

1996 – 2012
English, Japanese, Korean, Ukranian
Press, Production or Tour Notes, Promotional Materials
Printer paper, postcards
66 promotional materials
308 press clippings
12 production notes
8.5 in (length) 11 in (height)