Director's File: Virlana Tkacz: #1/2


This file includes press clippings about Tkacz' productions in English and Ukrainian, correspondence between Tkacz and Ellen Stewart, and promotional material from Tkacz' productions. Other notable items include the Summer 2001 issue of the journal "Slavic and East European Performance", a unidentified 1995 issue of a journal in Ukrainian, and June 1931 issue of "Theatre Arts Monthly" of unclear origin. The file also includes several photographic prints as well as a plastic folder of travel information about Kyrgyzstan and articles about bride kidnapping.

1931 – 2015
English, Ukranian
Press, Promotional Materials, Correspondence, Programs
Printer paper, envelopes, glossy paper, postcards, folders, RC photographic paper, elastic string, stick, plastic binders
65 press clippings
12 correspondence artifacts
38 promotional and production materials
11 in (length) 36 in (height)