Director's File: Shuji Terayama: General


This file includes production and promotional materials from Terayama's productions as well as general ephemera from his life. In addition to the promotional material, the file includes a few correspondence artifacts between Terayama and Ellen Stewart and press coverage of Terayama's work in English, Japanese, German, and Dutch. Other notable items include a blank 1981 Villager award (name is left blank but award is for production of Terayama's "Directions to Servants"),and a full xeroxed copy of his poetry collection, "Gogatsu no Shi/ Poems of May" translated by Fusae Ekida and David Andrew Schmidt (original Japanese on page verso, translation on recto).

1967 – 2002
English, Japanese, German, Dutch, French
Production or Tour Notes, Promotional Materials, Press
Printer paper, cardstock, plastic binder, poster, string, postcards
30 production and promotional materials
7 correspondence materials
21 press clippings
14 in (length) 14 in (height)