Director's File: Andrei Serban: #2/7


This file incluedes a letter from Hafiz Karmali to Ellen Stewart with an attached copy of the play Abelard and Heliose, a narrative poem on Abelard's life by Cedric Whitman, a NYT review of "The Chairs," a program for the 1977 "Teatro Taormina" including a production of As You Like It directed by Serban, and a booklet from the 1977 Shiraz/Persepolis Festival of Arts also including As You Like It.

1977 – 1989
English, Italian
Scripts, Correspondence, Press, Promotional Materials
Binder, printer paper, magazine paper, newsprint, envelope, stationery
2 promotional materials
1 correspondence artifacts
1 press clipping
11 in (length) 11.5 in (height)