Director's File: Min Tanaka


This folder contains: correspondence from Min Tanaka to Ellen Stewart; resumes and biographies for Tanaka; an undated brochure for Tanaka's "Emotion" at La MaMa E.T.C.; an undated poster and promotional brochure for "The Light Opera;" a production announcement for the May 1983 production of "Emotion;" postcards with images of Tanaka preforming three works; an essay by Tanaka titled "Tradition of the Body and Dance Avant-Garde" (1985); postcards of Tanaka and other dancers from "The Right of Spring" Hakushu Version II, 1991; a book of photographs of Min Tanaka titled The Sea Inside the Skin (1992) by Czech photographer Jaroslav Krejci; and numerous articles and news clippings about Tanaka from English-language and foreign-language press.

1978 – 1992
English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Czech
Press, Books, Theses, Correspondence, Promotional Materials
newsprint, copy paper, glossy paper, card stock, envelope
1 book
approximately 10 postcards
approximately 75 sheets
8.5 in (width) 11 in (height)
6 in (width) 4 in (height)
9.5 in (width) 9.5 in (height)
10 in (width) 14 in (height)