Director's File: George Ferencz


This folder contains: promotional materials, reviews, biographical materials, and audio/visual documentation relating to George Ferencz's career as a director at multiple theaters and academic institutions. Materials include print interviews with Ferencz and reviews of his productions ranging from 7 to 223 column inches, the latter being an issue of Syracuse Back Stage devoted to Ferencz's staging of Sam Shepard's "The Tooth of Crime." In addition to materials for full-scale stage productions, this folder contains materials relating to the "Experiments" series, and its sub-series "From the Vault" (both curated and directed by Ferencz). Paper materials are accompanied by two DVDs and a flash drive containing audio/visual material related to Ferencz's directorial work, including documentation of Ferencz's Coffeehouse Chronicles event.

1981 – 2014
English, German
Correspondence, Promotional Materials, Press, Books, Programs
Newsprint, copy paper, glossy paper, stickers
approximately 25 sheets of bio + correspondence artifacts
approximately 50 sheets promotional items
11 in (width) 11 in (height)