Director's File: Wilford Leach


This folder contains promotional material for The New York Shakespeare Festival (Summer 1978); New York Shakespeare Festival programs for "All's Well That Ends Well" (Summer 1978), "The Taming Of The Shrew" (Summer 1978) and "Othello" (Summer 1979); two versions of "The Mandrake" program (undated); a copy of After Dark magazine (October 1970) with an article mentioning Wilford Leach's "In Three Zones"; a copy of Theatre Crafts magazine (January 1986) with a profile of Leach; a Playbill for "My One And Only" at The St. James Theater (1983); an undated manuscript of an article by Tish Dace profiling Leach, "C.O.R.F.A.X. (Don't Ask)", "Carmilla" and other works; correspondence from Leach to Ellen Stewart; handwritten budgeting notes (undated); miscellaneous production notes; and numerous articles and newsclippings about Leach and his work, many containing photographs of Leach.

1970 – 1988
English, Portuguese
Promotional Materials, Correspondence, Press, Production or Tour Notes, Programs
facsimile paper, newsprint, copy paper, glossy paper, card stock, envelope, onion skin paper
approximately 70 newsclippings
approximately 30 additional items
8.5 in (width) 11 in (height)
6 in (width) 18 in (height)
7 in (width) 14 in (height)