Director's File: Joseph Chaikin (3)


File contains press clippings on projects directed and/or "collaboratively written" by Joseph Chaikin, including The Mutation Show (Open Theatre, 1973), Antigone (Public Theater, 1982), Uncle Vanya (La MaMa, 1983), The Bald Soprano and The Leader (Open Space Theater Experiment, 1987), The War in Heaven (Redwood High School, 1988), Night Sky (Judith Anderson Theater, 1991), the history of La MaMa and 1960s theater, and Chaikin himself, including obituaries; a press release for Chaikin's radio play series Nightvoices (WBAI, 1983); a June 1981 calendar for Riverside Studios, including performances of Texts; a contact sheet of photos by Phill Niblock of a production at the Open Theatre; materials related to UCSD's "Joseph Chaikin: A Life in the Theatre" (1996); programs for Texts for Nothing (La MaMa 1999); and an unfinished early script by Chaikin.

1973 – 2003
Newsprint; Typing paper; Copy paper; Fiber photographic paper
multiple press clippings
multiple programs
1 contact sheet
8.5 in (width) 11 in (height)
11 in (width) 17 in (height)
8.5 in (width) 14 in (height)
Contains a card from Chaikin to Ellen Stewart following his heart attack. Of a personal nature.