Director's File: Joseph Chaikin (2)


File contains press clippings on projects directed and/or "collaboratively written" by Joseph Chaikin, including Sam Shepard's Tongues and Savage/Love (Public Theater, 1979), Woyzeck (Public, 1976), Electra (1976), Texts for Nothing (Public, 1981), The Dybbuk (Public, 1978), Re-Arrangements (La MaMa, 1979), Endgame (Manhattan Theater Club, 1980), Uncle Vanya (La MaMa, 1983), Antigone (Public, 1982), Chaikin himself, the legacy of the theatre of the 1960s, and the rise and fall of The Open Theatre; a press release for Chaikin's "Open Discussion of 'Some Questions About Theater'"; letters from Chaikin to Ellen Stewart (1974-1978) regarding his hopes for productions at La MaMa, his 1978 "Winter Project", and other subjects; Stewart's badge from UCSD's "Joseph Chaikin: A Life in the Theatre"; and materials related to the Open Theatre Conference (Kent State University, 1983).

Includes the October 1978 (Vol. I, No. I) Playnote for the Lion Theatre Company's Music-Hall Sidelights, the April 23, 1981 Other Stages, and the April 30, 1981 The Villager in their entirety.

1965 – 1983
Newsprint; Typing paper; Copy paper
multiple press clippings
multiple programs
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