Playwright File: Robert Patrick (13)


File contains press clippings on Billy Houck's Birds of Prey (Fifth Estate, Los Angeles, 1984), the Meridian Gay Theatre’s 1984 "Lavender Limelight: A Retrospective of Lesbians and Gays", Merrill Harris's Bar Dykes and Carol Nelson's Pom Pom (Fifth Estate, 1984), Robert Patrick's '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s (Fifth Estate, 1984), and Aaron Fricke's film Dan White: Justice at Last; programs and promotional materials for Bar Dykes and Pom Pom (Fifth Estate, 1984), Patrick's '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s (Fifth Estate, 1984), Blue Is For Boys (Fifth Estate, 1984), a trio of one-act plays entitled Obscene Phone Calls (William Hoffman's Goodnight, I Love You and Thank You, Miss Victoria and Patrick's My Cup Ranneth Over) (Fifth Estate, 1984), and Birds of Prey (Fifth Estate, 1984), a letter from Aaron Fricke to Patrick regarding Dan White: Justice at Last and Patrick's play Blue Is For Boys, accompanied by a handdrawn poster for Dan White; press releases from The Fifth Estate Theatre for Birds of PreyObscene Phone Calls, and screenings of Dan White; a letter-sized poster for Dan White; and an 8x10 headshot of actor Hank Henderson (star of Blue Is For Boys at Fifth Estate).

Date created: 1984
Typing paper; Newsprint; Copy paper; RC photographic paper
multiple miscellaneous materials
1 letter
1 photograph
10 in (width) 8 in (height)
8.5 in (width) 11 in (height)