Playwright File: Robert Patrick (7)


File contains a letter from Boze Hadleigh to Robert Patrick, enclosing an article he wrote for FirstHand on gay playwrights including Patrick; clippings regarding Patrick, Hibiscus, gay theatre and arts, L.A. productions of Blue Is for Boys (Deja Vu), Beaux-Arts Ball (Fifth Estate), Lovable, Laughable Auntie Matter (Lhasa Club), Bread Alone (Kosslyn Studio Theatre), and Cleaning House (Galaxy Stage), the history of Caffe Cino, and Aaron Fricke's film Dan White: Justice at Last; materials, including Patrick's nametag, relating to his participation in the 1987 Florida State Thespian Festival; programs for Patrick's On Stage (Ralston High School, 1986), William Inge's The Disposal (The Producers Club, 1986), the Safe Sex Players' Visiting Playwrite Program (Austin, TX), and the Tenth Annual Robby Awards for Distinguished Achievement in Los Angeles Theatre; a promotional mailing on the Dramatic Risks Spring Reading Series; materials relating to classes and lectures given by Patrick on playwriting (Nevada State Thespians Conference, 1984 Utah State Thespian/Drama Conference) and on William Inge (The William Inge Festival for 1984); certificates (of appreciation, recognition, and achievement) for Patrick from the International Thespian Festival, Omaha's Lite 96 FM, and the Janus Theatre Company, Inc.; and a typescript article by Patrick entitled "The Inside-Outsider".

Includes the June 1984 issue of the Los Angeles BAPA News in its entirety.

1980 – 1990
Correspondence, Press
Copy paper; Purple ribbon; Plastic; Newsprint
multiple flyers
multiple press clippings
multiple programs
8.5 in (width) 11 in (height)
11 in (width) 17 in (height)
File contains a draft of "Reviewing the Troops: A History of the American Military Image in Sex Films", by Randy Fischer, writing under the aiias Rolf Hardesty, addressed and dedicated to Robert Patrick. It is stamped “CONFIDENTIAL”, and has a notice granting or acknowledging right of first refusal for the piece to be published in Manshots magazine, which did publish the piece in 1990. Reference to the piece can be found online linked to the pen name Rolf Hardesty, but not to the name Randy Fischer.