Robert Patrick's Miscellaneous Photograph File


Date duplicated: July 1986
Date created: June 27, 1987
Date created: November 18, 1988
black and white, prints, negatives, color
RC photographic paper; Polyester film; Tablet paper; Manilla folder; Fiber photographic paper
68 prints
45 negatives
5 in (height) 7 in (width)
3.75 in (height) 4.25 in (width)
9.5 in (width) 7 in (height)
Many photos are unlabeled, but photographers include Kai Shuman, Phil Willkie, Jim Gossage, Rich Krauss, Becket Logan, Jim Micali, Gene Bagnato, Leo Goates, and Cortland Jessup. Many photos have no credited photographer or rights statement, but the following statements do appear: “ACTUNLTD AU/ITS / PICTURE NOT FOR PUBLICATION: / ‘Copyrght 1987 Kai Shuman' / ALL RIGHTS RESERVED" “Photo: Phil Willkie, James White Review" “(Photo: Jim Gossage)” “11-18-88 photo by RICH KRAUSS" “photograph by BECKET LOGAN / BL 89R146N 15 (c)" “photo: Jim Micali” “(c) COPYRIGHT GENE BAGNATO / USE BY PERMISSION ONLY" “PHOTO BY: LEO GOATES” “photo: Cortland Jessup”