Playwright File: Rochelle Owens (2)


File contains a fifteen-page autobiography written by Rochelle Owens for the Contemporary Authors Autobiography Series, Volume 2; a complete copy of the book The Green Fuse: A Memoir by Lita Hornick, with a note that the book discusses Owens at length; press clippings on Owens's Who Do You Want, Peire Vidal? (Theater For the New City, 1982), Chucky's Hunch (Harold Clurman Theater, 1982), Kontraption (New York Theatre Strategy, Westbeth Theatre, 1978), Futz (1968); an Interview piece between Owens and Soren Agenoux; programs for Chucky's Hunch (Theater For the New City); a copy of Owens's book of poetry, Not Be Essence That Cannot Be; materials related to an application by Owens for a Guggenheim Foundation grant; an issue of Musique et théâtre aujourd'hui advertising, among other plays, production of Owens's Karl Marx Play (American Place Theatre, Brussels, 1973); a flyer for a 1973 poetry reading by Owens at I-KON; copies of the July/August 2006 issue of The Dramatist, including an interview with Owens; a letter to Ellen Stewart from Pia and Meïr Feigenberg of the Feigenberg Dramatisk Agentur (Copehhagen), following up on a visit they had together in New York, with a note on the envelope reading "Give Rochelle this man's name (she wants a Swedish agent)"; and a promotional brochure for the La MaMa Repertory Troupe.

Includes complete copies of the books The Green Fuse: A Memoir by Lita Hornick and Not Be Essence That Cannot Be by Rochelle Owens, and the periodicals Musique et théâtre aujourd'hui (September 1973), The Dramatist (July/August 2006), and After Dark (April 1971).