Playwright File: Adrienne Kennedy


The file contains:
  • A thank-you note from Adrienne Kennedy to Ellen Stewart regarding the 1969 "A Rat's Mass" production at La MaMa (1969)
  • Promotional material supporting:
    • Scripts (1969), a monthly publication which included Adrienne Kennedy's script for "Sun";
    • "Gloria Foster Reads Adrienne Kennedy at Apple Corps Theatre" (undated), a reading of Kennedy's work at the Apple Corps Theatre;
    • The premiere of Kennedy's "Black Children's Day" at Brown University (1980)
  • Program for:
    • "Given: No Bread, an Encounter & Dinner for Fifteen" (1973) at La MaMa;
    • Kennedy's "Sun: A Poem for Malcolm X Inspired By His Death" (1974);
    • Kennedy's "The Owl Answers" (1980) with correspondence and promotional materials sent by director Paul Carter Harrison to Ellen Stewart; includes envelope
  • Reviews of Kennedy's works:
    • People Who Led to My Plays, by Alisa Solomon of theVillage Voice (1987);
    • "A Rat's Mass" at La MaMa, by Stan Machlin (1969);
    • "Cities in Bezique," by Richard Watts, Jr. of the New York Post;
    • "Funnyhouse of a Negro" at New York University, by Mel Tapley of the N.Y. Amsterdam News (1984);
    • "An Evening With Dead Essex" at the American Place Theatre (1973)
  • Press clippings announcing:
    • The premiere of Kennedy's "Diary of Lights" at Davis Hall (1987);
    • The New York University production of Kennedy's "Funnyhouse of a Negro" (1984);
    • A playwriting workshop led by Kennedy (1978)
  • Press release (1980) announcing premiere of Kennedy's "The Owl Answers" at the Columbia College Theater/Music Center, with 3-page biographical sketch
  • Scripts for:
    • "A Movie Star Has to Star in Black and White" (1985) with attached correspondence from Kennedy to Ellen Stewart and Stanford University program cover;
    • "Cities in Bezique" (1969; 2 bound copies)