Playwright File: Hanay Geiogamah


File contains correspondence between Richard Osorio of the Native American Theater Ensemble and John Higgins of the Times of London; a poster for Mike Mullin's Love Guts at the Warehouse Theatre; press clippings and correspondence regarding Geiogamah's published volume New Native American Drama: Three Plays, a performance of Foghorn at the University of Washington, a 1971 National Endowment for the Arts grant to the American Indian Theater Ensemble, and performances of the American Indian Dance Theatre at the Guelph Spring Festival, Fort Lewis College, and the Rough Rock Demonstration School; production notes for 49; correspondence between Geiogamah and Ellen Stewart related to Geiogamah's plays OLAMGrandpa & Grandma (Coconino Festival of American Indian Arts), War DancerWhen Full Moons Cross, and The 49 X 49 Revue; a partial script for Body Indian (La MaMa, 1972); complete copies of the American Indian Talent Directory for 1984 and 1985-86; an edited typescript biography of Geiogamah; a 1974 tour schedule for the Native American Theater Ensemble; and a press release from American Indian Community House, Inc. regarding the debut of Body Indian Part II.