Program for "Chicago", "Futz" and "Melodrama" (1968)


The cover of this program states that "The Courtyard Players present the internationally famous The La Mama Repertory Troupe In Workshop Production of 'Chicago' by Sam Shepard, 'Futz' by Rochelle Owens, 'Melodrama' by Sam Shepard".  It also says that this is the American premiere of Melodrama, which seems to be false as this production took place in St. Croix not the U.S., and there was a production of 'Melodrama' at La Mama in 1967.  The program's cover also lists the director, venue location, dates, and indicates this was a souvenir program from the production.

Inside, there is an article 10 column inches long with the heading "About La Mama", which describes the company, their space in New York, how the Club functions, and how previous performances of these works were received abroad.  There is another piece of the same length titled "About the Courtyard Players".  There is also the cast list, director and creative team, and staff list for the Courtyard Players.  Also inside, it indicates that "there will be a 15 minute intermission between plays", and on the back it has a paragraph about 'Futz' followed by a paragraph about 'Melodrama' as being "the other half of our evening"; it's possible that Chicago was not actually performed, or perhaps it was on only one of the two evenings.  The back also talks about the troupe and the awards they received, listing performers by name, and gives special thanks for people who helped bring La Mama to St. Croix.

Written by Julie Sandy

Date issued: January 16 – 17, 1968
Black and white printed cream-colored paper
10 programs
12 in (width) 9 in (height)
6 in (width) 9 in (height)
folded in half(presentation)
4(booklet pages inclusive of covers)
La MaMa
Creative Commons