Press: "Hair" on Broadway (1968)


Date published: 1968 – 1973
Date published: 1993
Press, Written Reviews
White paper; glossy magazine paper; newsprint
multiple original clippings
multiple photocopies
multiple radio/TV transcriptions
Saturday Evening Post (publisher), Clive Barnes (author), After Dark (publisher), Julie Arenal (depicts), Gerome Ragni (depicts), Lynn Kellogg (depicts), Sally Eaton (depicts), New York Daily News (publisher), Glenn Loney (author), Michael Butler (depicts), Playbill (publisher), Colette Dowling (author), Kingsley Wood (author), Leonard Lyons (author), New York Times (publisher), Marilyn Bender (author), Al Hirschfeld (designer), Virginia Kay (author), Time Magazine (publisher), Newsweek (publisher), Tom O'Horgan (depicts), Sam Zolotow (author), Village Voice (publisher), Michael Smith (author), WMCA (publisher), Peggy Stockton (author), WNEW (publisher), Michael Stein (author), Stewart Klein (author), NBC News (publisher), Leonard Probst (author), WNYC (publisher), Alvin Klein (author), Long Island Press (publisher), William A Raidy (author), Show Business (publisher), Joyce Tretick (author), James Rado (depicts), Sunday Times (publisher), Alan Brien (author), WOR-TV (publisher), John Wingate (author), WABC (publisher), Allan Jefferys (author), CBS Television Network (publisher), Len Harris (author), Walter Kerr (publisher), The New Yorker Magazine (publisher), Brendan Gill (author), Henry Hewes (author), Saturday Review (publisher), Travel (publisher), Malcolm McTear Davis (author), Playboy (publisher), Howard Junker (author), New York Magazine (publisher), George Nash (author), New York Post (publisher), Richard Watts, Jr. (author), East Village Other (publisher), Lita Eliscu (author), Neal Weaver (author), John Chapman (author), Cue (publisher), Emory Lewis (author), Chicago Tribune (publisher), Chicago Daily News (publisher), Ron Yatter (author), Ellen Stewart (recipient), William Morris Agency (creator), Milton L Kaplan (author), Martin Gottfried (author), Women's Wear Daily (publisher), Richard F Shepard (author), Richard Christiansen (author), Janus (publisher), P Garczynski (author), France-Amerique (publisher), Didier Delaunov (author), The Plain Dealer (publisher), Peter Bellamy (author), David Richards (author), Dance Magazine (publisher), Stephen E Rubin (author), Gerald Freedman (depicts), Dagmar (photographer)
"Hair" on Broadway (1968)
Biltmore Theatre