Promotional Material: Great Jones Repertory Tour (Germany, 1970)


These programs describe a production titled "Der Jungste Tag" that played from June 22 1970. On the cover is a full-page picture from "Arden of Faversham"; inside, a production photo from Tom O'Horgan's June 14 production of "Gurtons Apocalyptic Needle."  

Date valid: June 7 – 18, 1970
Promotional Materials
Black printing on orange paper; black printing on glossy magazine paper; mimeographs
2 programs for other productions with promotional photographs for "Arden of Faversham"
2 flyers
1 prose description of the Werkraumtheater-Woche festival
11.5 in (width) 7 in (height)
11 in (width) 8 in (height)
5.5 in (width) 8 in (height)
8 in (width) 11.5 in (height)
Folded in half and stapled(presentation)
12(booklet pages inclusive of covers)
3 pages stapled together(presentation)