Film: "Kent Mix" (1969)


This film was the result of a collaborative project conceived and created at the 1969 Creative Arts Festival at Kent State University. Contributors included Kent State students, the La MaMa Plexus theatre ensemble, and acclaimed filmmaker Shirley Clarke. Using muliple cameras (16mm and 8mm), students from a university course in cinematography filmed La MaMa Plexus rehearsing and performing. The footage was then edited into a 34-minute experimental film by Shirley Clarke. For more information about this video, or to request access, contact La MaMa Archives ( 
  • Film: "Kent Mix" (1969)
    Kent Mix - Screenshot
Film: "Kent Mix" (1969)
Film: "Kent Mix" (1969)
Film: "Kent Mix" (1969)

Date created: 1969
16mm, film, black and white, no sound
Eastman Kodak metal can; acetate safety film
1 can
1 reel of film
00.27.45(running time)
Shirley Clarke, Richard Myers, students of Richard Myers' Kent State cinematography class.