Production Photograph: "Futz" in Frankfurt, Germany (1967)


This folder includes one photograph from "Futz," written by Rochelle Owens with music and direction by Tom O'Horgan. It was presented in 1967 by The La MaMa Repertory Troupe as one of the pieces of "Six Pieces From Off-Off-Broadway," a part of the Experimenta II Festival at Theater Am Turm in Frankfurt, Germany. This was during the Troupe's Third European Tour. 

This photograph depicts, from left to right, Seth Allen, Mari-Claire Charba, Beth Porter, and Michael Warren Powell.  
Production Photograph: "Futz" (Germany)
Production Photograph: "Futz" (Germany)

Date created: 1967
black and white, prints
1 print
9 in 12 in
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