Production Photographs: "The Maids" (1965)


This folder contains two photographs from "The Maids" by Jean Genet, directed by Tom O'Horgan, and produced at La MaMa in 1965. According to James Gossage, these photographs were shot through "a scrim hanging in front of the stage that the audience viewed the performance through." The result was images that were "very soft/blurred" -- "an interesting and pleasing photographic effect."

Depicted in the first photograph are Clay Haney (left) and Steve Gahre (right). 
Depicted in the second photograph, from left to right, are Mari-Claire Charba, Steve Gahre, and Clay Haney. 

Source: "Off Off-Broadway and In Cafe Theater: Events Places and Creative Personnel Including a Cross Reference to the Photographic Negatives of James D. Gossage" Section I (Printed August 2000) p. 202.
  • Production Photographs: "The Maids" (1965)
    James Gossage's Photographs of "The Maids" (1965) (CT 426; HANEY + GAHRE)
Production Photographs: "The Maids" (1965)
Production Photographs: "The Maids" (1965)

Date created: August 1965
black and white, prints
2 images
on 2 separate sheets
8.5 in (width) 11 in (height)
Copyright: NYPL/James D. Gossage