Video Work: Documentation of "Persia, A Desert Cheapie" (1972)


This video documents the 1972 La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club production of "Persia, A Desert Cheapie." The play was written by Bernard Roth and John Vaccaro, directed by John Vaccaro, and performed by the Playhouse of the Ridiculous (a resident La MaMa company). Music for the production was written by Ralph Czitrom and Tom Murrin and performed by the group Darkages. A “New York Magazine” listing from May 1972 describes the production as being “environmental theater, with audience involvement (as if they were extras in the making of a movie of the Arabian Nights)”. This video was originally shot using a Portapak camera, and camera originals are spread across two separate half-inch open reels (numbered B20 and B21 in La MaMa's collection).

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Recording date: April 1972
Recording date: May 1972
1/2 inch open reel, Mp4
The Playhouse of the Ridiculous (performer), Bernard Roth (playwright), John Vaccaro (playwright), John Vaccaro (director), Darkages (music), Tom Murrin (author), Darkages (performer), Carl More (tech), Carolyn Lord (performer), John Vaccaro (performer), Raze Riot (performer), La Scorpia (performer), Bela Boxx (performer), Ahmed Bizarre (performer), Angelina (performer), Kevin Bradigan (performer), David Lucas (performer), William G P Edgar (performer), Russell Krum (performer), Robin Pennings (performer), Howard Solomon (performer), Charles Wise (performer), Lola Bercowitz (performer), Benton Quin (performer), Richard Laws (performer), Diana Rott (performer), John Hulk (performer), Charles Stanley (performer), Herndon Ely (performer), Marsha Dimes (performer), Ava Browne (performer), Anna May Wrong (performer), Joseph Peroni (performer), Agosto Del Rio (performer), Ilona Gan (performer), Rose Hips (performer), Rhonda Perry (performer), Michael Arian (performer), Golda Rush (performer), Jacques Brouwers (performer), Rose Beef (performer), Reginald Rimmingtongue III (performer), Monica Manz (performer), Doris Dayglow (performer), Sonia Hyena (performer), Jarboro Players (performer), Gypsy Cab (contributor), John Dodd (designer), Peter Schneider (tech), Charles Terrel (designer), Mitchell Kurtz (tech), Russell Krum (tech), Bernard Roth (designer), Janet Wolfman (designer), Ellie Gordon (designer), Richard Laws (designer), Michael Arian (designer), Lutze (designer), Robin Pennings (designer), Bill Gamble (designer), Agosto Machado (contributor)
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