Poster: "ifsk 6" (1966)


IFSK poster, creator unattributed, for the 6th international festival of student drama groups, held in Zagreb, Yugoslavia (now Croatia) in September 1966. This festival significantly is where Ellen Stewart met Andrei Serban. 

Andrei Serban (born June 21, 1943), is an acclaimed Romanian-born theatre director. In 1969 Stewart arranged for him to travel to the United States, with money from a Ford Foundation grant. Serban soon became resident director of the La Mama Repertory Company. His first work at La Mama was a double bill in the spring of 1970, the Elizabethan tragedy “Arden of Faversham” and Alfred Jarry’s “Ubu”.
Poster: "ifsk 6" (1966)

Date valid: September 10 – 17, 1966
Croatian, English
black ink on white paper
26.75" (height) 19" (width) IN COPYRIGHT - EDUCATIONAL USE PERMITTED