Born-Digital Video: "Coffee House Chronicles #107" (2012)


La MaMa presents Coffeehouse Chronicles #107
Guest Speaker Jeremiah Newton speaking on his documentary film about Candy Darling - “Beautiful Darling”. 

BEAUTIFUL DARLING a documentary on Candy Darling
Executive Producer: Michael Newton
Director: James Rasin
Producer: Jeremiah Newton

“COFFEEHOUSE CHRONICLES” Directed, Conceived and Cast by CHRIS KAPP, Assistant Director MICHAEL ARIAN


Date created: March 31, 2012
Date duplicated: September 29, 2020
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In Copyright
This video documents a special screening event held at the La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club. A segment of the video is documentary film "Beautiful Darling" whose copyright is held by the production team. A segment of the video is introduction and Q&A sessions of the screening event. La MaMa has the copyright of this segment.
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