Shellie Feldman


Rochelle Alicia, Shelley Feldman
"Miss Feldman won critical praise for her Broadway debut as Simone Evrard in the American revival of 'Marat/Sade'. This past summer she played the Courtesan in 'The Comedy of Errors' for the New York Shakespeare Festival in Central Park. Miss Feldman first appeared at La Mama five years ago as Fricka in Bruce Kessler's 'Son of Fricka'. She will be remembered at La Mama for her performances in 'Balls', 'You May Go Home Again', 'Dream', 'Pavano' (the Open Theatre Production), 'Rimers of Eldritch', 'Court' and Part One of 'Tom Paine'. ";"Rochelle Alicia has just returned to New York after a six year hiatus of teaching and studying. Under the name of Shellie Feldman she was active in the New York Theater for over 10 years. She is a charter member of La Mama and between 1962 and 1970 appeared in countless plays there..."

Program for "Fergusson" (1967) [OBJ.1967.0173];Program for "Journeys to the Source" (1976) [OBJ.1976.0084]
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